Trans-Zanskar Trek covers several mountain passes, remote villages, ancient monasteries, deep gorges and patches of lush green meadows.It is one of the longest and strenuous trails in the Trans-Himalayan region that takes approximately a month to cover an entire stretch from Darcha at 3400 meters to Leh at 3500 meters passing through more than 10 mountain passes and a contrasting landscape dotted with traditional hues.

Ladakh-Zanskar region trekking is a dream that allows trekkers to acquaint the rugged terrain perched high beyond the Himalaya skyline displaying the traces and colours of ancient civilization and conducing nomadic days being with the Indo-Tibetan lifestyle.
The Trans-Zanskar Trek is a natural fusion of old-fashioned grandeur and colorful art forming a vast gallery and highlighting ancient monasteries like the Lingshed, Karsha, Sani, Bardan and Phuktal. Further the trail climbs up to the fabulous garland of high mountain passes including Shingo La, Parfi La, Hanumil La, Shengi La, Bumiktse La, SirSir La and Prinkti La. Covering almost 26 to 27 days this trekking trail in Ladakh region also allows you to acquaint the ancient and hardy lifestyle secluded in the remote villages like the Table, Tanze, Kuru, Jal, Raru, Mone, Padam, Photoskar, Hanupatta and Shilla.
This trek also offers the stunning vista of the farfetched scintillating landscape covered in snow. Moreover the varying climate conditions, roughness and length of the trek is one of the hard and challenging treks of Ladakh that commences from Darcha followed by Palamo, Zanskar Sumdo (4000 meters), Chimnakpo at 4800 meters, Lukung at 4400 meters, Kurgiakh, Shi, Purne at 3650 meters, Gyalbokh, Raru at 3700 meters, Mone, Padam, Rinam, Pissu, Hanumil, Lengshed, Photoskar, Hanupatta at 3450 meters, Shilla and Lamayuru passing through the oldest monastery in Phugtal, the Phugtal Monastery, which belongs to the tradition of the Gelugpas.

May to Mid-Sep
DAY 01
: Delhi – Manali
DAY 02
: Manali  Sightseeing
DAY 03
: Manali – Darcha
DAY 04
: Darcha –  Palamo
DAY 05
: Palamo –  Zanskar Sumdo
DAY 06
:  Zanskar Sumdo – Chumiknakpo
DAY 07
: Chumiknakpo – Lakhang via Shingo La
DAY 08
: Lakhang –  Kargiak
DAY 09
: Kargiak –  Purne
DAY 10
Purne – Phuktal Gompa- Back
DAY 11
Purne – Pipula
DAY 12
Pipula – Reru
DAY 13
: Reru  – Padum
DAY 14
: Padum – Kargil
DAY 15
:  Kargil – Srinagar
DAY 16
: Srinagar – Delhi