Pemba Tshering Sherpa
Pemba Tshering completed his school from Sikkim. Pemba has completed his , Basic, Advance Mountaineering and MOI Courses from the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling and has been leading treks in Darjeeling, Sikkim, and Ladakh. Pemba is  responsible and dedicated person. Pemba speaks fluent English,Hindi is knowledgeable about the Himalayan region and expedition he has been guiding since 2010.
Depesh Tamang
Depesh Tamang is working with us since 2012. Born in the village of Manebungjyang in Darjeeling After working with his strong determination and hard work become a good and experience guide. He  completed his basic and advance mountaineering courses from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. Fun loving and very straight forward Depesh Tamang has great leadership qualities. With his vast experience in trekking and cultural tours guide. He is know one of very popular and know for his qualities not only in N.H.T.T but also in other companies.
Tashi Sherpa
Tashi is working with us in the field of Expedition. After working with so many companies in Nepal and with so many clubs India. He already climbed almost every 8000 mts , mountain peak he have a very vast experience in Mountaineering. He is leading our expedition in Sikkim and Ladakh.Tashi has also proved to be a great asset in the field and has been successfully guiding our expedition in Sikkim and Ladakh.
Lila Raj Rai
He is working with us. He has a very vast knowledge in services of trekking and tours. After serving around 15 years he is know one of the best cook in N.H.T.T.
Debarghya Basu
He is adventurous and fun loving person who have done so many treks with us, with his good leadership qualities. He already lead some important treks with us.